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The Programmable Chat Typing Indicator feature enables typing signals to be sent for Members from their client endpoints when they are typing within a Channel.

これらの信号は、次にその他すべての接続中のチャンネルのメンバーに送信されるため、「ユーザーがタイピング中です」方式のメッセージやインジケーターをチャンネルメンバーに表示するなどの UI 機能を実装できます。タイピングは常にチャンネルとメンバーのコンテキスト内で行われます。

The Typing Indicator feature follows a producer/consumer model, with the Chat SDKs exposing API methods to set when the User is typing in a Channel. This is signaled via Chat in real time to other Members of the Channel, where events are fired for the typing event.



The Chat Typing Indicator is always in relation to a Channel - allowing Typing to be correctly indicated within the Channel where the Member is typing.

Note: The Typing Indicator signal is not automatically sent by Chat. The Typing Indicator must be explicitly sent using the relevant SDK API methods.

Note: To optimise network traffic, Chat client endpoints will only send a Typing signal once every 5 seconds by default, even if the Typing API command is called more frequently. The send threshold value can be configured for a Service instance by setting the TypingIndicatorTimeout property of the Services resource. Note that reducing this value will cause more network traffic to be generated by client endpoints calling the Typing API.





        Note: The Typing Indicator signal is not automatically sent by Programmable Chat. Typing events will not be received if the Member does not send them explicitly (see the previous section).

        タイピングイベントを待ち受けてから処理し、関連するメンバーに 「タイプ中」 メッセージを表示する例を次に示します。

        //set up the listener for the typing started Channel event
        activeChannel.on('typingStarted', function(member) {
            //process the member to show typing
            updateTypingIndicator(member, true);
        //set  the listener for the typing ended Channel event
        activeChannel.on('typingEnded', function(member) {
            //process the member to stop showing typing
            updateTypingIndicator(member, false);

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