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The Media resource allows media files to be uploaded and downloaded. Media files can be attached to Messages as part of the Media Messaging feature.

Note The Media REST resource is accessed via a separate sub-domain from Chat and other Twilio products. The base URL for Media is:



REST API への HTTP リクエストは、Twilio で提供される他の REST API と同様、HTTP ベーシック認証により保護されます。Twilio がどのように認証を処理するかは、セキュリティードキュメントをご確認ください。簡単に言うと、HTTP ベーシック認証では Twilio AccountSID をユーザー名、AuthToken をパスワードとして使います。

curl -G https://mcs.us1.twilio.com/v1/Services \

アカウント Sid と Auth Token はアドミンコンソールで確認できます。別の方法として、API キーと API シークレットを使用して、REST API リクエストを認証することもできます。API キーのペアもコンソールで管理できます。

Note: The Media endpoint is not represented in the Twilio Helper Libraries at this stage.


Each Media resource instance has these properties:

name description
sid このリソースを一意に識別する 34 文字の文字列です。
account_sid このメッセージに関連するアカウントのユニーク ID です。
service_sid このメッセージが属するサービスのユニーク ID です。
date_created このリソースの作成された日付です。
date_updated このリソースが最後に更新された日付です。 編集されていない場合はnullを返します。
channel_sid The unique id of the Channel the Message this media instance was added to.
message_sid The unique id of the Message this media instance was added to.
Size The size of the file this Media instance represents in BYTES
content_type The MIME type of the file this Media instance represents. Please refer to the MIME Types for a list of valid MIME types.
file_name The filename of the underlying media file as specified when uploaded
author The identity of the User that uploaded the Media instance as part of a Message
url An absolute URL for this media instance
Links Links to access the underlying media file (content) and a temporary URL to use to access this (content_direct_temporary)

Create/Upload a new Media resource

POST /Services/{Chat Service SID}/Media

Note that the Chat Service SID above must be the Chat Service instance sid this Media instance will be used for.

A number of options exist for the creation of media. The media file itself needs to be uploaded as content to the POST - although tools such as curl and other clients abstract this and allow a "binary" or similar option to be used, and then passing in only a path. An example of this follows:

Ultimately this will be converted into a POST request, with the following headers and the body being the file itself.


name description / value
Content-Type: Must be: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Size: The size of the media (the file) being uploaded in bytes


The body or content of the POST must be the file itself in binary format.

Curl Example

curl -u <acount_sid>:<account_secret> --data-binary “@<filename>” https://mcs.us1.twilio.com/v1/Services/<chat_instance_sid>/Media

Retrieve a Media resource

GET /Services/{Chat Service SID}/Media/{Media SID}
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