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Sync REST: Permissions

Permissions bind an identity to an object with flags for reading, writing, and managing that object. Permissions do not have a SID or a unique path; they are identified by the Service, Object, and Token Identity specified in the URL. Permissions may be set and retrieved. Deletion is equivalent to setting all flags to false.

{   "read": true,
    "write": false,
    "manage": false

For an SDK:

  • read permission allows an endpoint (browser or mobile) to attach to the object, query individual items, and receive notification of any updates to that object made remotely.
  • write permission allows an endpoint to change data and (for Lists and Maps) add or remove items.
  • manage permission allows an endpoint to remove a Sync object from the system. You cannot give an SDK permissions to manipulate permissions.

Permissions only take effect if the ACLEnabled flag is set on your service instance. Your backend servers are always in "God Mode", having full access to all your account's Sync resources irrespective of configured Permissions or the ACLEnabled flag.

Setting or Updating Permissions

POST /v1/Services/:serviceSid/:ObjectType/:sidOrUniqueName/Permissions/:identity
Content-Type: x-www-form-encoded

For an existing Sync object, configures the permissions that apply to any SDKs authenticated with a matching identity specified in their Auth Token. If the ACLEnabled flag is unset or if the desire is to restrict all access for that identity, no explicit POST is needed.

This resource accepts x-www-form-encoded bodies. There are three form parameters, all of which are optional.

パラメーター 概要 Value Domain 初期値
Read If set, allows SDK clients with a matching token identity to query this Sync object and/or true または false false
Write If set, allows SDK clients with a matching token identity to update data in Sync objects, and (in the case of Maps and Lists) add and remove items. true または false false
Manage If set, allows SDK clients with a matching token identity to remove Sync objects. true または false false


POST /v1/Services/ISxx/Maps/users/Permissions/administrator
Content-Type: x-www-form-encoded

                    Fetching Permissions

                    GET /v1/Services/:serviceSid/:ObjectType/:sidOrUniqueName/Permissions/:identity
                    Accepts: application/json

                    Retrieves the configured permission flags for this object/identity pair. The expected response is 200 OK.


                                      Deleting Permissions

                                      DELETE /v1/Services/:serviceSid/:ObjectType/:sidOrUniqueName/Permissions/:identity

                                      Equivalent to POST with all parameters false, this verb revokes all permissions to the resource from the provided token-identity. Success is indicated with the response 204 No Content.


                                                        Listing Permissions for an Object

                                                        GET /v1/Services/:serviceSid/:ObjectType/:sidOrUniqueName/Permissions
                                                        Accepts: application/json

                                                        Responds with a paged list (permissions) of any permissions applied to the target object. This will not include false/false/false permission tuples; not having a mapping is equivalent to having no permissions.

                                                        Responses will arrive in the following format:

                                                          "permissions": [
                                                              "account_sid": "ACxx",
                                                              "service_sid": "ISxx",
                                                              "document_sid" | "list_sid" | "map_sid": "XXxx",
                                                              "identity": "alice",
                                                              "read": true,
                                                              "write": false,
                                                              "manage": false,
                                                              "url": "https://sync.twilio.com/v1/Services/:serviceSid/Maps/:mapSid/Permissions/:identity"
                                                          "meta": {
                                                            "next_page_url": "https://...",
                                                            "previous_page_url": "https://..."
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