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Twilio Video’s Group Rooms and Recording APIs enable you to record the audio and video shared in a Programmable Video Room. To turn on Recording in a Group Room, set the RecordParticipantsOnConnect property to true when creating the Room. Check the Rooms REST API documentation for additional information.



Legal implications of call recording

If you choose to record voice or video calls, you need to comply with certain laws and regulations, including those regarding obtaining consent to record (such as California’s Invasion of Privacy Act and similar laws in other jurisdictions). Additional information on the legal implications of call recording can be found here.

Notice: Twilio recommends that you consult with your legal counsel to make sure that you are complying with all applicable laws in connection with communications you record or store using Twilio.

Names in PHP format
sid<AC> Not PII

The unique SID identifier of the Twilio Account.

enum:status Not PII

Recordingのステータスです。 取りうる値は、processingcompletedもしくはdeletedです。processingは、Recordingがまだ取り込み中であることを示します; completedはRecordingを取り込み終わり、ダウンロード可能になったことを示します。 deletedは録音済みメディアがシステムから削除されたが、履歴を確認できるようメタデータは依然として取得できることを示します。

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

Date conforming to UTC ISO 8601 Timestamp. Matches the time the media recording began writing.

sid<RT> Not PII

RTxx...xx Recordingを一意に識別する、システムによって生成された34文字の文字列です。

sid Not PII

Recordingのソースを識別します。 Room Recordingに対しては、このフィールドには以下が保存されます - TrackSid.

long Not PII


url Not PII

このリソースの絶対 URL です。

enum:type Not PII

Indicates the media type for this recording. Can be either audio or video.

integer? Not PII

Duration of the Recording in seconds rounded to the nearest second. Thus, sub-second duration tracks have a Duration property of 1 second

enum:format Not PII

Recordingのファイル形式です。 Video Roomの録音はMatroskaコンテナー形式で取り込まれ、オーディオファイルにはmkaが、ビデオファイルにはmkvが設定されます。

enum:codec Not PII

トラックのエンコードに使用されたCodecです。 現時点でサポートされるCodecには、VP8H264OPUS、およびPCMUが含まれます。

オブジェクト Not PII

A list of Sids related to this Recording. Includes the RoomSid and ParticipantSid.

文字列 PII MTL: 30 DAYS

The name that was given to the source track of this recording. If no name is given, the SourceSid is used.

long Not PII

The time in milliseconds elapsed between an arbitrary point in time, common to all group rooms, and the moment when the source room of this track started. This information provides a synchronization mechanism for recordings belonging to the same room.

uri_map Not PII

Note: The duration of media tracks is rounded to the nearest second. Thus, sub-second duration tracks have a Duration property of 1 second.


Returns a single Recording Instance resource identified by a RecordingSid.

Example: Retrieve a Recording


        HTTP GET to the /Media subresource

        Retrieves the media file associated to a given Recording Instance resource identified by a RecordingSid

        When you make a request to this URL, Twilio will generate a temporary URL for accessing this binary data, and issue an HTTP 302 redirect response to your request. The Recording will be returned in the format as described in the metadata, with the Content-Type header set according to the codec used to record the media

        Codec Content-Type
        VP8 video/webm
        OPUS audio/webm
        PCMU audio/x-matroska
        H264 video/x-matroska

        The URL returned will be available by default for 600 seconds, but this can be configured to a value between 1 and 3600 seconds via the Ttl request param. If the recording is not yet available, a 404 is returned. If the recording is not available (for example, if its status is processing or deleted), an HTTP 404 response is returned.

        The HTTP GET request accepts the following parameters

        名前 概要
        ContentDisposition Optional. Sets the Content-Disposition header of the redirect_to URL. Possible values are attachment or inline. Default value attachment%3B%20filename%3D%22RTxxx.mk{a|v} (not PII)
        Ttl Optional. Duration in seconds for which the redirect_to URL can be used to retrieve the media file. The default Ttl is 600 seconds. The minimum supported Ttl value is 1 second and the maximum supported value is 3600 seconds. (not PII)

        The Content-Disposition header can be set in this request. By default, the value of this header is attachment%3B%20filename%3D%22RTxxx.mk{a|v}.

        NOTE: You can play these recordings in media players that support the Matroska file format, like the VLC player. You can also use other programs like Chrome, ffplay or ffplayer to play these recordings. However, these files are optimized for compactness and they are not player-friendly. Hence, you may experience different types of problems when playing these files. For generating player-friendly media files, compose your Recordings using Twilio's Recordings Composition API.

        Example: Retrieve a Recording's Media


              HTTP POST


              HTTP DELETE


              The metadata for the Recording is preserved for a period of 30 days, and its Status is set to deleted. After this period, the metadata will not be available. By default, Recordings with deleted status are not returned when retrieving the Recordings list. To retrieve deleted Recordings, use the Status=deleted filter.

              Note that the 30 day period starts after the Status is set to deleted. After this period expires, the metadata will not be available.

              Example: Delete a Recording


                    To to delete a large set of Video Recordings, you can use the bulk deletion capabilities available in the Twilio Console.

                    Recordings リスト リソース



                    HTTP GET

                    ページングデータを伴う全Track Recordingの一覧を返します。

                    HTTP GET: リストフィルター

                    The following GET query string parameters allow you to limit the list returned. Note, parameters are case-sensitive.

                    Note: deleted Recordings are not returned by default. For retrieving the deleted Recordings list you must explicitly specify Status=deleted.

                    Example: Get all Recordings for a given Room


                                      HTTP POST


                                      HTTP DELETE


                                      Rooms APIを使用した、Recordingsの検索

                                      特定のRoomからお客様によるRecordingsの検索を容易にするよう、Rooms APIを通じた一覧のフィルタリングに対して下記のアフォーダンスを提供します:

                                      Example: Get all recordings from a given Room using the Rooms API


                                                        Known issues and limitations

                                                        • Recording files are generated with a format optimized for reliability and compactness. This format is not player friendly. Hence, many media players may not render Recordings media files appropriately. For generating player-friendly media files, compose your Recordings using Twilio's Recordings Composition API.
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