Twilio Flex Preview

The programmable contact center platform.

A new era of fully-programmable enterprise software

A cloud-based contact center platform that’s infinitely flexible & instantly deployable

Empower your agents to shift seamlessly between channels using a single customizable interface.

Experience truly optimized agent-customer interaction by integrating data from custom channels and CRMs, adding context to conversations.

Flex is built on the foundation of Twilio’s Super Network which powers over 40 billion interactions annually, offering you unlimited scale and security.


Radically different software. Unparalleled control.

Use Flex out of the box, or program every pixel to your specifications.

Flex’s UI is designed to be deconstructed, down to its micro-components. This flexibility lets you build a contact center that perfectly fits your unique business needs.

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Support channels instantly. Add channels easily.

Add voice, video, and rich messaging channels instantly, and integrate custom channels easily. Empower your agents to communicate using channels your customers prefer.

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The control you crave. The scale you need.

Flex scales like no other contact center platform, delivering you enterprise-grade scale, control, and speed on a battle-tested network.

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More features. Less hassle.

Flex’s feature set delivers the reports and the UI you need to get better everyday on one platform, saving you from bouncing between tabs. Features like Ytica-powered Workforce Optimization bring you a detailed view of your contact center and the thousands of customer interactions that define it.

Use granular reporting to provide your agents, supervisors, and administrators with the data they need. Flex has all the features you need to serve your entire contact center.

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The Flex difference, tailored to you

Twilio Flex is tailored to your exact needs, giving you control and flexibility in one platform. If you need any assistance outfitting your contact center to your exact specifications, we know just the people for the job.