Appointment Reminders benefits

Lower support costs and cancellation vacancies while increasing the read rate

  • Better than email

    Get an open-rate four-fold higher than email with text message reminders. Messages are read, on average, within four minutes.

  • Increase revenue

    Confirm appointments and fill last-minute cancellations with waitlisted customers using a call or text.

  • Lower support costs

    Supply better customer service and provide the option to cancel or reschedule with two-way SMS and Voice.

How it works
Step 1:  
Integrate with the appointment system to find upcoming appointments.
Send a reminder text or call 24-hours before an appointment.
Follow it up with an SMS link with directions, two hours before the appointment.
Let customers respond to the text or punch in options on the call to change the appointment.

Building blocks

All the components needed to build nimble Appointment Reminders

  • SMS

    Send text reminders to any number while Twilio navigates carriers to ensure the message is delivered.

  • Voice

    Use Text-to-Speech to convey the reminder in 26 languages. Add an interface voice response (IVR) menu for customers to confirm or change the appointment.

  • MMS

    Send branded reminders with pictures and calendar invites using MMS.

Why Twilio
  • Easy integration

    Create intelligent reminders with integration to existing business systems. Use any programmming language with the Twilio API to add notification workflows to trusted systems.

  • Cost-effective infrastructure

    Pay $0.015 a minute to call and $0.0075 for every message to contact every locale in the world without an upfront investment. No set rate, all scalable.

  • Bi-directional messaging

    Use full interactive voice response (IVR), call-controlled capabilities, and two-way SMS and MMS so customers can respond. Gather responses with a touch-tone and route calls to a live agent.

Twilio 101

How to

Simple code to build Appointment Reminders onto a flexible, easy, and free Twilio API

xml.Response do
  xml.Gather(:action => @post_to, :numDigits => 1) do
    xml.Say "Ahoy! You have an appointment tomorrow at 9 AM."
    xml.Say "Press 1 to repeat. Press 2 for directions."

We can't wait to see what you build

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