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Lookup API

The Lookup API provides a way to retrieve additional information about a phone number. Lookup currently supports the following types of data.

  • Region-specific number formatting and validation
  • キャリア情報
  • 発信者の名前

You can specify one or more types of information you would like to purchase in the request, check the Lookup Product Page for pricing information.


All URLs referenced in the documentation use the following URL.


TwilioのREST APIはHTTPS経由で提供されます。 データのプライバシーを確保するため、暗号化されていないHTTPはサポートされません。

{PhoneNumber} is the phone number you are requesting information about. Phone numbers can be specified either in national formatting or in standard E.164 format. If providing a number in local national format, please also specify the country as an optional parameter. If no country is provided, this will default to US. Twilio will use libphonenumber, Google’s open source phone number handling library, to properly format possible phone numbers for a given region, using length and prefix.


HTTP requests to the REST API are protected with HTTP Basic authentication. To learn more about how Twilio handles authentication, please refer to our security documentation. In short, you will use your Twilio account SID as the username and your auth token as the password for HTTP Basic authentication.

curl -G https://lookups.twilio.com/v1/PhoneNumbers/{PhoneNumber} \

You can find your account SID and auth token in your console.

To learn more about authentication and interaction with the Twilio REST API, check out our documentation for requests to the API and Twilio's response.

Lookup a Phone Number


Returns phone number information matching the specified request. Formatting information is standard. Carrier, Caller Name, and phone number type information can be requested, in addition to using Add-ons to access 3rd party data sources.



Names in PHP format
GET phone_number PII MTL: 60 DAYS

The phone number to lookup in E.164 format, which consists of a + followed by the country code and subscriber number.


The ISO country code of the phone number to fetch. This is used to specify the country when the phone number is provided in a national format.

GET string[] Not PII

The type of information to return. Can be: carrier or caller-name. The default is null. Carrier information costs $0.005 per phone number looked up. Caller Name information is currently available only in the US and costs $0.01 per phone number looked up. To retrieve both types on information, specify this parameter twice; once with carrier and once with caller-name as the value.

GET string[] PII MTL: 60 DAYS

The unique_name of an Add-on you would like to invoke. Can be the unique_name of an Add-on that is installed on your account. You can specify multiple instances of this parameter to invoke multiple Add-ons. For more information about Add-ons, see the Add-ons documentation.

GET prefixed_collapsible_map<AddOns> Not PII

Data specific to the add-on you would like to invoke. The content and format of this value depends on the add-on.



Names in PHP format
string_map PII MTL: 60 DAYS

The name of the phone number's owner. If null, that information was not available.

文字列 PII MTL: 60 DAYS

この電話番号のISO 国コードです。

phone_number PII MTL: 60 DAYS

The phone number in E.164 format, which consists of a + followed by the country code and subscriber number.

文字列 PII MTL: 60 DAYS


string_map Not PII

The telecom company that provides the phone number.

オブジェクト PII MTL: 60 DAYS

A JSON string with the results of the Add-ons you specified in the add_ons parameters. For the format of the object, see Using Add-ons.

url Not PII

The absolute URL of the resource.

情報を持ちうるできる番号(地域、長さ、プレフィックスの情報)はフォーマット化された結果を返します。存在しない番号のルックアップを試みた場合、HTTP404 エラーを返します。


NOTE: For some regions like Canada, we are unable to return carrier and cellphone data by default. Please contact our support team to switch on those regions. More information is available on our support site.


名前 概要
MobileCountryCode キャリアのモバイル国コード(携帯電話番号のみ対象)
MobileNetworkCode キャリアのモバイルネットワークコード(携帯電話のみ対応)
名前 キャリア名キャリア名は頻繁に変わります。そのため Name も同様に変わります。
Type 電話番号タイプ取りうる値は、landlinemobileもしくはvoipです。詳しくは電話番号タイプをご覧ください。
ErrorCode このリクエストに関連するエラーコード


Type 概要
landline この電話番号は固定電話で、一般的にSMSを受信することはできません。
携帯電話 この番号は携帯電話で、一般的にSMSを受信することができます。
voip インターネットをベースにした電話番号でSMSの受信は番号によります。例としてはGoogle Voiceがこれにあたります。
null Valid phone number but no information returned from our data providers. Possible: Canadian phone number lookup not supported; please contact our support team to switch on this region.


Data for the Caller Name query comes from the Line Information Database (LIDB), which has limited coverage for VoIP and Mobile phone numbers. We recommend testing the availability of Caller Name with your specific dataset of phone numbers.

GET リクエストで発信者名を要求した場合は、以下の追加のプロパティが返されます。

名前 概要
CallerName 電話番号の所有者の名前を示す文字列。利用できない場合は、 null 返します。
CallerType この発信者がビジネスなのか消費者なのかを示す文字列。 取りうる値は business および consumer です。使用できない場合は、 null を返します。
ErrorCode このリクエストに関連するエラーコード

米国の番号の発信者名ルックアップは、データがない場合でも、ルックアップごとに課金されます。現時点では、国際電話番号についての発信者名ルックアップをリクエストすると、値 null が返されますが、課金はされません。


                    Using Add-ons with Lookup

                    Lookup also supports Twilio Add-ons, enabling you to retrieve information from a multitude of 3rd party data sources, available via the Twilio Marketplace.

                    You can add Lookup-supported add-ons by visiting the Twilio console to enabling the add-on, making sure you have 'Lookups' selected:

                    Enable Lookups to use your whitepages pro add-on

                    When you use AddOns, you can pass additional parameters to the Add-on(s):

                    名前 概要
                    AddOns.addon_name.param_name Optional. Passes additional data to the Add-on at request time. See Add-on documentation in Console to identify if the Add-on requires additional parameters.

                    Examples with Add-ons


                          Whitepages Pro Caller ID geographic restrictions

                          Please note that the Whitepages add-on only works with phone numbers with the +1 country code: U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico. If you need to check numbers in all countries, consider using our Lookup API without add-ons, which you can try out in the console.

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