Security Camera
8. Conclusion
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Now you have a Twilio-powered device that keeps watch over dangerous and remote locations and alerts stakeholders of intrusions or safety concerns.

You learned that Raspberry Pi is a great tool for IoT development. You can program a Raspberry Pi in your language of choice.

We used Functions, Twilio’s serverless environment, to take care of all the physical hardware, virtual machine operating system, and web server software management. That left us to worry about the code necessary to run the Security Camera. There, we made use of Twilio Sync which allowed us to share data across multiple devices, securely and efficiently with millisecond-level state synchronization.

Now that you see what’s possible with Programmable Wireless for IoT development, you're ready to build your own Twilio powered IoT device. Twilio Programmable Wireless SIM Cards provide developer-friendly, reliable cellular technology so you can track and log the exact data you need in real-time. Remove the hassle from remote monitoring with the best practices discussed in this Blueprint designed to accelerate your business development.

Visit our Blueprints page for more use case centric walkthroughs like this one.

Need a 3d-printed case?

The Security Camera repository comes with CAD files designed for this 3D printout. You can find the CAD files in the models folder. Visit Voodoo Manufacturing to take advantage of their developer-first API driven 3d-printers to print out the models. Use Sculpteo to print out the acrylic to cover the sides of the Security Camera.

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IMPORTANT: USB cellular modems come in many dimensions, thus the USB modem you select may be a tight fit. The USB cellular modem in the shopping cart does not fit in the Security Camera printout. You can use Bob’s Smith's Super Thin Glue to keep the hardware secure in the 3d-printout, or update the Security Camera body CAD file using one of the many CAD programs. This 3G USB cellular modem will fit in the 3d-printout in the repository.