Security Camera
4. Download the Raspbian operating system
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It’s recommended to download and install the Raspbian operating system before you assemble the hardware for the Security Camera. has detailed instructions and up-to-date links to download and install the Raspbian operating system on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Raspberry Pi is great for IoT development. They’re fast, bare-bones personal computers, running a version of Linux . Chances are, you'll be able to code in a language you already know.

You will perform the following tasks in this section:

  • Download the latest version of the Raspbian operating system
  • Install Raspbian on the memory card supplied with the Raspberry Pi Zero kit purchased in the shopping list.

Download and install the Raspbian operating system

Go to the Raspberry Pi Foundation website and download the latest version of their Raspbian operating system.

It’s recommended to get the full version of Raspbian as opposed to the Lite alternative. The full version is called Raspbian Jessie with Desktop.

The Raspberry Pi website details how to install the downloaded operating system onto your SD card. Instructions are linked below:

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