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2. Get started with Programmable Wireless
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Programmable Wireless makes it easy to deploy and manage fleets of wireless devices, powering the Internet-of-Things and the next generation of communications devices.

The purpose of this section is to provide step by step instructions to get started with Twilio Programmable Wireless.

Create a Twilio account


Order SIM cards


  • Select the Quantity of SIM kits
    • 3 SIMs per starter pack pack
    • Choose any number with Multi-Size SIM Card
  • Enter your Delivery Address
  • Select from existing delivery address
  • Add a new delivery address
  • Add a payment method
  • Click Submit

Register a SIM


  • Select Register a SIM in the Twilio Console
  • Enter the Registration Code
    • The Registration Code is the 8 digit code at the top of the Twilio SIM Card
  • Click Submit
  • Read the Programmable Wireless - Terms and Conditions
  • Click Accept and Continue at the bottom of the Programmable Wireless - Terms and Conditions
  • Add as many SIM cards as necessary

Access the Programmable Wireless documentation

Create a Rate Plan


  • Visit Rate Plans
  • Click the Add New Rate Plan button
  • Enter a Friendly Name
  • Enter a Unique Name
  • Click the Create button

Want to learn more about Rate Plans such as the difference between an Individual and Pooled Rate Plan? Take a look at our guide, Understanding Rate Plans.

Activate your first SIM


  • Visit Programmable Wireless SIMs
  • Click the Add SIM button if you haven’t registered a SIM
  • Click on the newly created SIM from the Register A SIM step above
  • Enter a Friendly Name
  • Enter a Unique Name
  • Click Select for your newly created Rate Plan
  • Click Activate SIM

Additional resources

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