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Before we get started, here's a quick overview of what you'll need to build this Blueprint.

A note on cellular USB modems

Each unique make and model of USB modem requires slightly different configuration steps on a Linux based operating system. Some USB modems are easier to work with than others. The link above for a USB modem will change often. The Raspberry Pi Zero W is wifi enabled which opens up connectivity options. Use whatever USB modem, hotspot, or cellular-wifi configuration that works best for you. For an unlocked cellular USB modem to work on the T-Mobile network it must support bands 2, 4, and 12.

Outside of North America?

It’s highly likely you will need a different cellular USB modem than the one in the shopping list above. Read our guide on picking the right cellular modem with supported frequencies in your area.

The Wireless Starter Kit in the shopping list comes with an 8GB micro SD card. You will need a microSD adapter if your computer has an SD port, or you can use a USB adapter if necessary. This Blueprint assumes you have access to a USB keyboard, mouse, and HDMI connected monitor.

Looking to take this Blueprint to the next level? This repository includes CAD files for 3d-printouts that can be created at Voodoo Manufacturing to keep your hardware safe from the elements.

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