Agricultural Monitor
6. Set Up a Helium Channel
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To integrate the Atom module, Element, and sensor with the Twilio ecosystem, we’re going to create a Channel integration to POST sensor readings to our Moisture Twilio Function.


  • Click the Green plus (‘+’) button in the Helium Dashboard to start building a channel or visit the Channels Link.
  • Select ‘HTTP’ in Step 1
  • Use POST as the method, and paste the URL from your Moisture function (
  • Add a HEADER Content-Type with value application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Add a name, and save it for the next step... programming the board!

Need additional help? Visit Helium's Channels documentation.

You’ll subscribe to the channel you just made and send periodic moisture readings in the Arduino code. Helium will connect those messages to the URL of your Twilio Function, where you control the logic.