Confirm message delivery and improve read rates

  • High open rates with SMS

    Get open rates of more than 90% with text message reminders. Messages are read, on average, within four minutes.

  • Immediate delivery confirmation

    Ensure dispatch texts reach a technician's phone and build alternate routing logic for undelivered messages.

  • Use the app they already have

    Receive work-order details on a phone's native SMS app.

How it works
Step 1:  
A work order is created from a field service management system.
The HTTP request is turned into a text message with the information specified on the work order.
The technician can respond to accept the dispatch. If SMS delivery fails, the technician is automatically called and the dispatch notice is dictated as an audio message.

Building blocks

  • Numbers

    Choose local or toll-free numbers specific to the dispatch area.

  • SMS & MMS

    Send text and picture messages with the specified information.

  • Voice

    Delivery with an automated, outbound call with dispatch details.

  • Taskrouter

    Prioritize and assign dispatch notifications based on technician skill and availability.

Why Twilio
  • Easy integration

    Create dynamic service dispatches within existing business systems and programming languages, not a separate application.

  • Instant analytics

    Real-time usage data can be retrieved and integrated into internal reporting in real time.

  • Bi-directional messaging

    Employ full IVR and call-control capabilities to gather responses using two-way SMS, MMS, and Voice interactions.

  • Confirm delivery

    Be sure workers and customers receive messages with confirmations using built-in options for second-tier delivery.

  • Multi-lingual

    Make calls using text-to-speech (TTS) in 26 languages and dialects. Send text messages using characters in any language.

  • Pay-as-you-go

    Get started without upfront investments. Pay per-minute for phone calls and per-message for SMS and MMS.

Twilio 101

How to


// Instantiate a new Twilio Rest Client
$client = new Services_Twilio($AccountSid, $AuthToken);

/* Your Twilio Number or Outgoing Caller ID */
$from = 'NNNNNNNNNN';

// make an associative array of server admins. Feel free to change/add your
// own phone number and name here.
$people = array(
  "4158675309" => "Johnny",
  "4158675310" => "Helen",
  "4158675311" => "Virgil",

// Iterate over all admins in the $people array. $to is the phone number,
// $name is the user's name
foreach ($people as $to => $name) {
// Send a new outgoing SMS
  $body = "A new repair job is available in San Francisco. Reply 'yes' to accept.";
  $client->account->sms_messages->create($from, $to, $body);
  echo "Sent message to $name";

We can't wait to see what you build