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Creating legendary customer engagement: Introducing the Virtual Twilio Engagement Center

  • vanessa thompson
    Vanessa Thompson
  • Apr 20, 2020

Announcing the launch of the Virtual Twilio Engagement Center, enabling Twilio to provide a strategic engagement program and briefings from anywhere in the world.

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Creating legendary customer engagement isn’t easy. Yet now more than ever, in the midst of the coronavirus, businesses need to build digital relationships with their consumers and constituents in the way that makes sense for them.

There’s a lot to gain—from a reputation standpoint as well as a financial one—for brands that take a strong, proactive approach to reassuring customers while also providing value and shared connection.

See how patient engagement platform CipherHealth launched a remote COVID-19 screening outreach program to help providers better allocate precious resources.

The challenges brands face, though, are significant. Customers are anxious about their financial stability, about your organization’s ability to deliver, and wary of making commitments they may not be able to keep.

Our customers have developed creative, innovative ways to address these challenges. As an organization, we’re proud to enable our customers to do that through the right products, APIs, and even the creative physical space needed to brainstorm solutions.

In October, we opened the Twilio Engagement Center (TEC). It’s a beautiful space at Twilio HQ where we host executive briefings, hackathons, and innovation tours. The Center gives us an opportunity to work closely with companies and organizations to help them develop novel, meaningful customer engagement with their unique audience.

While our core customer engagement principles still exist, how we engage has changed. Today, we're happy to officially announce the Virtual Twilio Engagement Center, to meet the most top-of-mind customer engagement needs with a proven, strategic virtual program.

The Virtual Twilio Engagement customer experience

Each Virtual TEC program is designed as a custom experience, specifically aligned to your goals and project requirements. For each session, participating organizations will work directly with the right executives and experts to serve and support its unique needs.

At each session, we aim to inspire the future of communications—taking the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19 into heavy consideration—for each individual organization by delivering an immersive and tailored experience. In doing so, participants create their own vision of the right solutions for their business and build confidence in their ability to create successful outcomes.

I had the pleasure of taking part in our first Virtual TEC briefing. The participating organization joined the meeting in-person from their local office, and Twilio attendees joined the briefing from home. It was inspiring to witness the partnership and engagement created in a remote environment.

The TEC team shared an immersive video experience of our physical space, similar to what you would see in a home tour. As we weren’t able to share a meal during the briefing, the TEC team emailed UberEATs gift cards for the TEC guests to order from local restaurants so we could “share” a meal. Creating those connections was just the beginning of our virtual engagement.

We can't wait to see what you are building!

We look forward to connecting with you in our Virtual Twilio Engagement Center. Whether you are starting your journey with Twilio or are a long time Twilio customer, the TEC can accelerate your customer engagement journey at a time when it's needed most.

To learn more about the Virtual TEC program , text “TEC” to 1-844- 946-1466, or reach out to your account representative directly. We look forward to virtually welcoming you soon!

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Vanessa is the director of product marketing at Twilio. She is responsible for product marketing across Twilio’s communications products: messaging, email, voice, video, and account security. She works across the business to evangelize the stories of our customers, and she is also a discussion leader in the Twilio Engagement Center.