Everything begins with a task.

A task can be a phone call, SMS, support ticket, lead or machine data.

Your business logic creates this task in TaskRouter and uses a simple JSON schema to associate attributes to your task.

These attributes will be used to help prioritize and find the best person or process to handle that task.

Multi-channel routing

TaskRouter is an engine for you to route all tasks from all sources in a vendor agnostic way, enabling your agents to be as efficient as possible.

A task can be a support ticket, a lead, a call, an SMS, a website chat or email. A task can even be machine data from a connected device.

TaskRouter keeps track of the state of all the tasks and workers in your system, so you don't have to build a state machine.

Attribute-based routing

The Workflow is the brain of TaskRouter.

The Workflow inspects the task to understand how to route it, based on Task attributes assigned at creation.

The logic that Workflow Object uses to make decisions is defined in a simple JSON instruction set.

Powerful escalation logic

Workflow Objects don't just route and forget, but monitor tasks as they're in the queue.

If a task exceeds a defined timeout period without being handled, the Workflow Object instruction set can define how to escalate the task to ensure it is handled appropriately or aged out of the system as needed.

Task-worker matching over WebSocket

Each queue has JSON logic to define which workers can take tasks from that queue.

When workers become available, TaskRouter delivers the highest priority task to that worker, starting with the oldest task of that priority.

TaskRouter creates a reservation request to assign the task, and notifies your application over either websocket or webhook.

Report-ready Statistics and Audit logging

TaskRouter provides comprehensive statistics by agent, queue or workspace.

Everything needed to build complete historical reporting packages as well as real-time dashboards.

In addition every change in the system can trigger a webhook in order to maintain a complete audit trail of activity, from new tasks created or assigned, to worker state changes.

Task Type
Task Skills Required
Recent Problem
1 {
2   "task-type": "voice",
3   "task-skills-required": "sales",
4   "recent-problem": "false"
5 }
1 TargetWorkers='
   (skill HAS "sales")'
1 TargetWorkers='
   (skill HAS "support")'
1 TargetWorkers='
   (skill HAS "support")
   OR (skill HAS "sales")'

Developers that can benefit from TaskRouter

Here are just a few types of service that can be built on TaskRouter.

Contact Center Developers

Entire Contact Centers can be built on Twilio with TaskRouter providing the core routing framework.

CRM Developers

Web-first companies can add voice and SMS as a channel to CRM using TaskRouter.

Customer Service Tickets

Home-grown and off-the-shelf systems can use TaskRouter to enable outbound lead distribution or inbound support ticket routing.

Internet of Things

Internet connected devices can use TaskRouter to route data logs and act intelligently on that feed.

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