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Twilio Happenings

TwilioQuest Tuesdays on Twitch

Join us every Tuesday at 9am PT on the TwilioQuest Twitch channel 

Every week we feature fun educational content including creating art or code for TwilioQuest, talking about our Institutional Education program, talking with special guests, and playing educational video games!

Monthly Schedule:

1st Tuesday - Art Stream: join TQ artist, Kerrie Lake, creating the TQ aesthetic and answering your questions about creating pixel art, game maps, animations, and more!

2nd Tuesday - Play Stream: join TQ team members and guests as we play through and chat about educational games!

3rd Tuesday - Developer Stream: join TQ lead developer, Ryan Kubik, creating the TQ code base and answering your questions about existing and upcoming game content and making your own custom extensions!

4th Tuesday - Education Stream: join developer educator, Joe Nash, for discussion topics around all things developer education!

Create your own TwilioQuest operation!

Head over to your Operator Console (you'll need to create an account). From here you can create and manage Adventure Teams and Operations.

Operations allow you to create your own TwilioQuest events!

Give your event a name, start and end times, and you're ready to host!

The Console will automatically create a scoreboard and unique join code which players can use to opt into the event.

You're also able to manage permissions for players and teams wanting to participate in your event from the Console.

You can choose to allow all players and teams to automatically join or to require approval before showing up on your scoreboard. Approving requests to join and the ability to ban players from your event is also managed here.


Nova arte, novas ferramentas e novas aventuras – a versão 3.2 do TwilioQuest já está disponível


Desde o lançamento do TwilioQuest 3.1, mais de 100.000 jogadores atenderam ao chamado para se tornarem Operadores, dedicando aproximadamente 5 milhões de minutos de tempo total de jogo para combater os maus sistemas legados. Agora, é hora de dar o próximo grande passo nessa jornada.

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TwilioQuest Authoring: Play Community Content and Build Your Own


TwilioQuest 3.2 ships with a big new feature called “Extensions”. With this feature, you can now load in missions, maps, and objects created by the TwilioQuest community alongside Twilio authored content. This means you can now build your own content too!

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New Art, New Tools, and New Adventures - TwilioQuest version 3.2 Available Today


Since the launch of TwilioQuest 3.1, more than 100,000 players have heeded the call to become an Operator, dedicating approximately 5 million minutes of total play time to fighting back against the evil Legacy Systems. Now, it’s time to take the next big step in that journey.

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Check out more TwilioQuest content on the Youtube channel

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This is only the beginning of the TwilioQuest journey! Still to come: new training missions, new characters, story missions, item crafting - and one day, you may be called upon to face the Legacy Systems in battle... Sign up below and be the first to know about exciting new TwilioQuest releases.