Twilio Flex / Scale

An elastic platform built for speed and scale

Deploy swiftly and scale effortlessly

Flex gives you the foundation to get up and running quickly without sacrificing flexibility or scale.

Flex is supported by the same reliable cloud platform that powers Twilio’s entire network of APIs.
Deploying a contact center takes minutes, not months using pre-configured agent dashboards, one-click marketplace add-ons, and serverless infrastructure for unparalleled scale.
40 billion interactions
50,000 businesses
What this means for a Flex contact center
Standing on the shoulders of the Super Network, Flex scales past the competition by orders of magnitude.
Thousands of agents per department
Grow your contact center to thousands of agents and deploy globally in an instant. Elastically scale your usage without preemptively engineering for spikes in traffic.
100+ countries instantly provisionable
Expand globally, think locally. Provision new numbers with local presence in over 100 different countries.
Quality routing for quality interactions
Interruptions don’t scale. The Super Network delivers the best call quality for customer-agent interactions by multi-sourcing routes and offering you diverse call routing options.
No sharding with the cloud
Your call center is managed in a single instance, not a potpourri of nodes duct taped together. You have security, a private connection, and millisecond recovery in the event of an incident.
No hardware, downloads, or maintenance windows
Flex is cloud based, saving you from installing hardware or downloading software. We ship thousands of improvements to Flex with no service interruptions.

Security compliance simplified

Twilio is GDPR and PCI compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Our entire platform is backed by a security team devoted to stringent compliance and descoping your security concerns.

Focus on serving your users, not protecting your infrastructure.