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Narrowband & Breakout SDK Samples

Arduino MQTT Samples

Currently, the Narrowband & Breakout SDK samples target Twilio's first hardware developer kit - the Twilio Alfa Developer Kit.

The mega-sample for AlfaKit embraces setting up the modem, reading data from one of the sensors, sending and receiving data over MQTT.

Supported sensors include:

For detailed description on how to configure the samples see the documentation in the Massive SDK for Arduino.

Beyond Arduino and Alfa Kit

The core of Breakout Massive SDK for Arduino is the cross-platform Massive SDK. It currently supports three modems: SARA-R410, SARA-N410 and Quectel BG96. The SDK supports sending data over TCP and UDP, and using the modems' internal MQTT and TLS implementations.

As we are doing our best to test the SDK contents, the limitations and bugs of respective modems still apply. For the safe path, use the Arduino SDK and samples.

Using the Massive SDK to your platform

First a few platform-specific functions need to be implemented as is described in the porting section of the Readme. After that you can write the code in either blocking or non-blocking style (see the example).

When working in multithreaded environment, not that Massive SDK is not thread-safe, so it should either be owned by a single thread, or protected by a mutex.

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