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Programmable Wireless: Error Codes

All Programmable Wireless error codes are five-digit integers in the form of 33xxx. Below is a list of error codes Programmable Wireless is currently using.

Code 概要 説明
33000 一般的なエラー (Wireless) An unspecified error occurred while carrying out the request. See also the Debugger in the console.
33003 プロバイダーエラー (Wireless) 下流キャリアーとの通信中にエラーが発生しました。 時間をおいて再度試行してください。
33001 無効なパラメーターの値です (Wireless) Option 1. A SID was expected, but the string passed was not in the correct format or type.
Option 2. A SIM or Command status value was expected, but the string passed was not a valid status type.
Option 3. An Alias was passed in a create or update request that is already in use for another resource of the same type.
Option 4. The Capabilities specified are not valid.
Option 5. The specified callback URL or method was not valid.
33002 必須のパラメーターが見つかりません (Wireless) A required parameter was not passed with the request. The error object's detail field will provide more information as to what field was missing.
33004 構成が不完全です (Wireless) Option 1. A SIM cannot transition into the active status if it is not paired with a SIM.
Option 2. A Command cannot be sent to a SIM if its status is not active.
33005 無効なトランジションです (Wireless) 指定されたRate PlanがSIMカードと互換性がないため、SIMを有効化できません。 たとえば、指定されたRate Planにデータ用の国際ローミングが指定されているものの、SIMカードが国際ローミングをサポートしない場合は、このエラーが返されます。
33007 SIM not found SIM SidがこのTwilioアカウント状の有効なSIM Sidではない場合にSMSを送信しようとしたり、TwiMLを使用してSIMに音声通話をルーティングしようとした場合に発生します。
33008 Rate Planが見つかりません (Wireless) Rate Planが存在しないため、SIMに指定されたRate Planを設定できません。
33111 Commandの最大長を超過しました (Wireless) Option 1. Commands in text mode should be 160 characters or less.
Option 2. Commands in binary mode should be 140 bytes or less.
33201 認証に失敗しました (Wireless) Option 1. Cannot send callback because there are too many callbacks currently in-flight for your account.
Option 2. Your account has been suspended and an asynchronous request has been canceled.
Option 3. A Command was received from a SIM, or an attempt was made to send a Command to a SIM, but the SIM is not permitted by its Rate Plan to send or receive Commands.
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