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Voice Insights

Voice Insights provides call quality analytics and aggregation tools for investigating Twilio calls. Sensors in the Twilio Voice SDKs and on Twilio media gateways gather call metrics and events and send them to the Voice Insights platform for analysis and aggregation. Insights is available for all calls made using Twilio Voice SDKs for JavaScript (v1.3+), mobile SDKs for Android and iOS (v3.0+), using the Programmable Voice APIs, or calls placed using Elastic SIP Trunking.

The data gathered from calls is aggregated into a powerful reporting Dashboard and detailed call summaries in Twilio Console that quickly highlight key aspects of call behavior. Voice Insights for Twilio Voice SDKs exposese further functionality allowing you to react to call quality events in your Twilio SDK code.

Voice Insights advanced features provide time-series views of metrics and event streams in Console, and programmatic access to call summaries via REST API.

Voice Insights data is available for calls made within the last 30 days.

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誰しもが一度は考える「コーディングって難しい」。そんな時は、お問い合わせフォームから質問してください。 または、Stack Overflow でTwilioタグのついた情報から欲しいものを探してみましょう。