MMS is an extension of the SMS (Short Message Service) protocol, allowing the exchange of text messages exceeding 160 characters. Unlike SMS, which is text-only, MMS can deliver a variety of media. This media may include up to forty seconds of video, audio, one image, or a slideshow of multiple images. MMS requires a third-generation (3G) network to send large MMS messages (though smaller MMS messages may be transmitted over second generation networks using GPRS).


MMSを送信する際、送信するデバイスはマルチメディアの内容をエンコードする必要があります。これはEmail で MIME を送るのに似ています。メッセージはキャリアのMMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Center) にリレーされ、蓄積されたり別のMMSC に転送されたりします。MMSC はリレーサーバーのように働き、もし送信先が自分のキャリア宛ではなければ、別のキャリアへ転送します。

On receipt of the MMS message by the recipient’s MMSC, it determines whether the receiver’s device is MMS capable (i.e. supports the standards for receiving MMS). Some MMSCs include conversion service that attempts to modify the content into a format suitable for the receiver. If the message’s recipient does not have an MMS-capable device, the MMSC will often deliver the message to a web service. This way, the recipient can view the content from a browser after receiving the URL via an SMS message.

Send MMS messages with Twilio

MMS with Twilio is currently supported in the US and Canada. Please see our MMS page for current information on Twilio’s MMS offerings, including location availability.


  • Reach MMS-incompatible numbers - By sending MMS messages with Twilio, your user's picture message automatically converts into an SMS with linked media.
  • Handle different carrier restrictions - When you send an MMS with Twilio, we will automatically resize your MMS images to meet the receiving carrier's exact specifications.
  • レバレッジバルクメッセージング - Twilioショートコード(日本未対応) を使うと最大1秒毎30メッセージまでの送信に対応します。

Check out our documentation or this blog post if you’re eager to get started sending MMS messages with Twilio. We can’t wait to see what you build!



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