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How can I get the user's phone number in Autopilot?

Autopilot sends the user's phone number as a parameter (UserIdentifier) of the Task's HTTP Callback.

You can find all the parameters Autopilot sends here:


Is it possible to access the user's phone number as a variable of the Actions JSON in the Actions Bin?

Unfortunately not at this point. If you need the user's phone number you have to configure the Task with an HTTP Callback and get it as a parameter of that request in your application or Twilio Function.

How can I record an Autopilot Call?

You can record an Autopilot Call by implementing two steps:

1. Getting the CallSid

First, you need to get the CallSid. You can do this by pointing thirst task the user hits (can be the greeting task) to your app. On the memory paramater passed on the webhook, there is a twilio.voice namespace that has the CallSid.


2. Starting the recording

Once you have the callSid, you can use the Recordings API to start the recording:


How much does Autopilot and Whatsapp cost?

The Autopilot and Whatsapp message cost are charged separately. Autopilot is only charged on inbound messages that are handled by the bot.

For an inbound message and response:

Inbound Session Message: $0.005 (Whatsapp message cost) + $0.001 (Autopilot cost) = $0.006

Response Session Message: $0.005 (Whatsapp message cost) = $0.005

For an outbound template message and response:

Outbound Template Message: $0.0135 (Whatsapp message cost) = $0.0135

Inbound Session Message (User Response): $0.005 (Whatsapp message cost) + $0.001 (Autopilot cost) = $0.006

When does an Autopilot Dialogue end?

An Autopilot dialogue ends in the following situations:

  • When a handoff is done.
  • When there is no listen or collect.
  • When the call is hang up.
  • When there is no activity for 4 hrs.
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