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Built-in Field Types

The Built-in Field Types allow you to create fields of a common data type such as Date, Time, Number rather than defining them yourself as a custom Field Type. You should use built-in fields when possible given that they are optimized to understand this type of data.

Built-in Field Example input Example output
Twilio.YES_NO yeah はい
Twilio.NUMBER 34 please 34
Twilio.PHONE_NUMBER The best number is (415) 390-2337 4153902337
Twilio.DATE for December 14th please 2018-12-14
Twilio.TIME at 7 pm please 19:00
Twilio.FIRST_NAME my name is sam Sam
Twilio.LAST_NAME my last name is jackson Jackson
Twilio.EMAIL my email is sam.jackson@example.com sam.jackson@example.com
Twilio.MONTH May is the best month of the year 5月
Twilio.DAY_OF_WEEK today is tuesday Tuesday
Twilio.US_STATE Last state I visited was Alaska Alaska
Twilio.COUNTRY I live in France フランス
Twilio.CITY I live in Tokyo Tokyo
Twilio.CURRENCY bucks USD
Twilio.COUNTRY_ISO_ALPHA2 I'm going to Spain for Christmas ES
Twilio.COUNTRY_ISO_ALPHA3 I'm going to Spain for Christmas esp
Twilio.LANGUAGE I speak spanish Spanish
Twilio.NUMBER_SEQUENCE My US Zipcode is 90210 90210

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誰しもが一度は考える「コーディングって難しい」。そんな時は、お問い合わせフォームから質問してください。 または、Stack Overflow でTwilioタグのついた情報から欲しいものを探してみましょう。