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The Autopilot REST API allows you to build, train and test your virtual assistants.


リファレンスドキュメントの URL はすべて、次のベース URL を使用しています。


All requests to the Autopilot REST API are served over HTTPS. Unencrypted HTTP is not supported.


REST API への HTTP リクエストは、Twilio で提供される他の REST API と同様、HTTP ベーシック認証により保護されます。Twilio がどのように認証を処理するかは、セキュリティードキュメントをご確認ください。簡単に言うと、HTTP ベーシック認証では Twilio AccountSID をユーザー名、AuthToken をパスワードとして使います。

curl -G https://autopilot.twilio.com/v1/Assistants \

You can find your account SID and auth token in the Twilio console. Alternately, you can also use API keys and secrets to authenticate REST API requests - you can manage API key pairs in the console also.

Twilio ヘルパーライブラリ

You can use the Twilio Helper Libraries to interact with the Autopilot REST endpoints.

Autopilot is available in the Next Gen Release builds of the Twilio Helper Libraries.


REST API を使って操作するリソースは以下のとおりです。

リソース 概要 サンプル
Assistants Assistants are your different bots or conversational applications. owl-cafe-bot
Tasks Tasks describe what the end-user would like to do. The end-user may express this intent over a phone call or SMS Message. order-coffee, check-menu
Samples Samples are text examples of how end-user might express an intent. These samples are used to train the machine learning model to recognize intents and extract field values. Can I have a {OrderDrinkSize} {OrderDrinkType},
I'll have a {OrderDrinkSize} {OrderDrinkType}
フィールド Fields are the expected attributes that give details about the intent expressed by the end-user. Each intent may have multiple fields associated with it. OrderDrinkSize, OrderDrinkType
Field Types Field Types are the type of fields: date, time, amount, city, etc. drinkSize, drinkType
Field Values Field Values are the sample value for a given field type. drinkSize: small, medium, large
drinkType: latte, espresso, cappuccino
Model Builds Model Builds are built and trained models with all the intents, fields, and samples provided that can perform natural language analysis. v-01
Queries Queries represent the end-user's input that is analyzed through a natural language understanding model. The query returns the intent and relevant fields in json format. "Can I have a small cappuccino",
"I'll get a medium latte",
"I want a espresso"
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誰しもが一度は考える「コーディングって難しい」。そんな時は、お問い合わせフォームから質問してください。 または、Stack Overflow でTwilioタグのついた情報から欲しいものを探してみましょう。