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SMS Phone Verification


    This is a basic SMS phone verification example. How it works:

    • It uses Twilio Verify to verify phone numbers and add an additional layer of security
      • Helps prevent fraudulent users from registering with your business
    • It renders a UI to create an account on a (fictional) website
      • The customer would enter a username, password and phone number
    • It will then send the customer an SMS for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    • The customer will be asked to enter a verification code into the webpage to verify their account
    • When the app receives the SMS from the customer, it will validate the verification code entered against the Twilio Verify service

    We are currently in the process of updating this sample template. If you are encountering any issues with the sample, please open an issue at github.com/twilio-labs/code-exchange/issues and we’ll try to help you.

    Step 1: Choose a language

    Step 2: You need an API key to get started

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